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Joanne is an accomplished writer, presenter and speaker who loves to spread an entertaining word about healthy living. With over two decades of professional media training and experience, her passion for good food and exercise comes though. Joanne's bubbly personality, sense of humour and energy make her easy to understand in her writing and presenting, not only being informative but entertaining.

Joanne is passionate about helping people understand good nutrition and exercise principles, communicating in a clear and simple, but accurate manner.

Presenting: Joanne is a natural presenter. Her enthusiasm and passion for good health, makes her entertaining to watch. With a wealth of knowledge and her practical, yet professional advice, she is a sort after presenter. With over 15 years experience, her easy tips get even the non motivated believing they too can live a healthier lifestyle. To book Jo at your next event - click on the contact button on the left.

Television: Joanne has over two decades of television experience. She loves being interviewed and giving short, sharp and entertaining grabs on various healthy eating and exercise topics. Joanne has appeared on many television programs such as Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Daily Edition, Today Tonight, Channel 10 news, Channel 10 RPM, Foxtel Select programs. Joanne is a regular consultant to Nickelodeon Foxtel, Australia. 

Watch Jo now:

http://i3.ytimg.com/vi/z0ZmejQbbck/default.jpg http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/TQ9gG05k6rY/default.jpg

Radio: Joanne really enjoys talking on radio, particularly being involved in talk back shows. Joanne has been interviewed on numerous radio stations including FM 96.9, FM 104.1, and AM 2UE. Joanne appears on radio weekly on the Monday Lunch Pack segment at 1:10pm with Craig Huth of 2RE radio serving the Great Lakes, Manning and Gloucester regions, and regularly appears on ABC radio.

Print Media: Joanne has written many editorial articles for various print media on various health topics. Joanne can also help with developing editorial concepts for magazines, contribute nutrition break out boxes for food spreads and contribute Q&A columns.  To invite her to write for your publication, or for a quote in your next article or if you simply want to check facts, contact Joanne via email. Joanne is the resident dietitian and exercise consultant on both Diabetic Living and Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.

Joanne is skilled in making credible information into popular selling cover lines.

Books: Joanne has contributed to 3 books and is looking forward to releasing her next book - Baby & Toddler very soon, watch this space!

Joanne has also recently released her other cook book - Pregnancy.   Order now!
Eating well during pregnancy is very important for you and your baby. To ensure you are both getting all you need for optimum health, it is recommended that you include a range of nutritious foods in your diet. This cookbook provides healthy recipes for all occasions making it easy for you to know you're getting the variety you need, as well as getting your baby's health off to a good start! Don't let the title sway you if you are not pregnant, this is a great book for males or females looking for simple healthy meals for all occasions. 

You can contact Joanne directly via email or call  0414 569 978 

Joanne understands deadlines, and if she is unavailable will refer you to another experienced and appropriate health professional in Australia.

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