Joanne consults to many sporting teams, food manufacturing companies, corporations and the media. Joanne is a highly skilled practitioner and has over 300 doctors and allied health professionals that refer to her NuActive Health clinic.


Joanne has personally consulted to over 5000 individual clients. She enjoys consulting with clients on an individual basis, to see them progress and evolve into healthy people who feel much better.

Joanne explains things clearly and her solutions are so practical and enjoyable, her clients often don’t notice they are even on a diet. They feel their life is more enjoyable than it was before and now they also have the reward of feeling, looking and being healthier. Joanne has a range of key interests, including disordered eating and exercise, weight management, performance nutrition and lifestyle modification for chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Recipe Development - Food Editor

Joanne is the author of 2 cook books – Pregnancy and Baby toddler cookbooks published by Bissett Publishing. Joanne has developed and published thousands of recipes. She has developed recipes for Pacific magazines Diabetic Living Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, Family Circle Magazine, Nestle websites and print marketing material, Creative Gourmet website and newsletters, and many other websites and blogs.

Joanne develops all recipes for her NuActive Health teaching kitchen, where Joanne and her team of dietitians show how quick, easy and delicious healthy eating can be. It more about introducing new healthy flavours than eliminating the unhealthy ones and learning portion sizes.

Joanne understands what food people want to eat, and she enjoys recipes to show people how they can have their cake and eat it too. Healthy eating can still include chocolate brownies, Pizza, burgers and much more – if you learn the tricks and tips and wealth of information, that Jo has up her sleeve when it comes to healthy recipe modification and development.

Sporting Teams

Joanne Turner is one of Australia’s leading sports dietitians, completing her training at the Australian Institute of Sport and has travelled nationally and internationally working with some of Australia’s top athletes.

Using the latest nutrition science, Joanne optimises her athletes’ training and athletic performance. Joanne also gives expert sports nutrition supplement advice to athletes, but believes a good diet is the first requirement of performance nutrition.

Joanne is a consultant sports dietitian to the Parramatta Eels NRL Team, andGolf NSW and has been the official dietitian to the NSW Institute of Sport, Cricket NSW, Tennis Australia and South Western Sydney Academy of Sport for many years.
Joanne’s sports nutrition experience also includes previously being the sports dietitian of the Australian National Women’s Ice Hockey team, travelling internationally for three years to World Championship events. She has also travelled interstate for sports nutrition contracts with the Royal Australian Navy Clearance Divers and NSW Swimming Team. Joanne has vast experience with individual and team sport elite to recreational athletes from various sports, including dancing, gymnastics, martial arts, athletics, weight lifting, golf and all codes of football including soccer.

Food Industry

Joanne is very experienced in working with the food industry and has worked with many different companies over the last 10 years, offering a wide range of services.Joanne offers a range of services to the Food industry:

– Product Recipe development
– Product Nutrition analysis
– Nutrition advice and information
– Endorsement of products and advertisement


Joanne provides practical health solutions to companies, to improve their productivity, improve the health and vitality of their staff. Joanne provides expert nutrition, exercise and healthy living advice to corporate organisations, small or large.

Whether it’s one interactive workshop you are after, or setting up an entire intervention program. Joanne with her corporate health team at NuActive Health, including dietitians, exercise physiologists, psychologists, personal trainers and massage therapists, has the experience and passion to help you with your company’s needs.

Joanne has nearly a decade of experience of implementing highly successful Corporate Wellness Programs. Her methods are tried and tested, providing practical strategies to help company employees develop a healthier lifestyle, and to improve health-related issues.

Joanne’s corporate health company doesn’t simply give everyone a “one fits all” program, but discuss the company’s individual needs and develops a package that will reach desired outcomes with as few steps as possible, making it more professional and affordable than many other corporate health programs.

NuActive Healthy cooking classes open to ALL!

Do you lack inspiration in the kitchen? These classes are more about what to cook than how to cook. Developed and run by Accredited Practising Dietitian, Jo Turner. Learn how to cook quick and easy, yet deliciously tasty meals for the whole family! Snacks, drinks, meals and desserts!

There is nothing Jo Turner can’t turn into a health sensation on a plate! Put on an apron this weekend and start learning (and eating – as you get to eat all the food that is created)!