About NuActive Health

NuActive Health incorporates nutrition, exercise and medical services.

The medical services were established in 1976 and the lifestyle services in 2000 and has now grown into the biggest nutrition and dietitians services in the Sutherland Shire.

NuActive Health lifestyle services has a team of practitioners that are dual qualified as both dietitians and exercise physiologists. The ability to combine both nutrition and physical activity advice has proven to be very beneficial. They have now helped over 3,000 clients directly and thousands more indirectly to improve their nutritional and physical health.

NuActive Health is in South Sydney and consults to individuals for a range of nutritional and exercise needs including weight management, prediabetes, diabetes, cardiovascular health, PCOS, osteoporosis, eating disorders and sports nutrition.

NuActive Health's Mission Statement

To be the Australian leaders in providing combined nutrition and exercise lifestyle advice. To educate and support as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible to improve both their dietary and physical activity habits throughout life.

the Australian leader in delivering combined lifestyle advice

NuActive Health is committed to providing their clients with the very best education, support and practical solutions on how to incorporate healthy eating and activity habits into your lifestyle, with the aim of helping you reach your goals as easily and as quickly as it is safely possible.

NuActive Health can show you how fun and easy a healthy lifestyle can be. Changing your lifestyle habits is not always easy, but NuActive Health shows people how to gain optimal results with as few changes as possible.

NuActive Health lifestyle services always combine nutrition and exercise and counselling advice, being one of the only multi-practitioner private practice in Australia to only hire dietitians with additional qualifications in exercise physiology, making NuActive Health the Australian leader in delivering combined lifestyle advice.

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